Hamba Allah selamanya

Hamba Allah selamanya
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Smoking is ‘fun’??

       Smoking is the one of bad habits. Some people say that smoking is fun because it can release their stress. Cigarettes contain more than four thousand chemical substances such as, nicotine and tar. Nicotine makes smoking people become addicted to cigarette such as Marlboro, Gudang Garam, Semporna and many more.

       Young people especially teenagers like to smoke because they think that smoking can make them look more mature. One of factors that teenagers influence to smoking is from movies, magazines, television, sports and posters. They think that the picture from that look cool, sexy, smart and the adult thing to do.
Besides that, teenagers feel that smoking can release their pressure eventhough it was wrong. Next, young people like teenager always want to do something new and smoking is something new for teenagers.

       Moreover, smoking can also cause many bad effects to the smoker. One of the physical effects of smoking is yellowish stain fingers and teeth. Next, to the smoker, there are many more effects to the physical such as facial wrinkles appear an early age. Besides that, bad effects to health are lung cancer, throat, mouth and many more. As I said just now, cigarettes contain nicotine and carbon monoxide, these chemical substances can cause increase heart rate.

       Smoking also pollutes air. If fresh air in our surrounding opened to smoke, it become dirty and pollute. Smoking not only damages the smoker but also damages the people around the smoker. Schools should do many programs about disadvantages of smoking.

       As a conclusion, smoking has many disadvantages to our health, surrounding, our physical and many more. It damages the health of smoker and the people around them. There are many thing that we can do than smoking. Smoking just burned money and damages the health.

thank you teacher as because sacrifice to teach me..thank u


  1. 'Thank u teacher as because sacrifice to teach me'..
    if it refers to me, i am really really touched..hahaha

    1. of course its refers to u..
      sorry if i make many mistake before this

    2. It's okay..
      i not feel hurt at all

  2. Yes, sometimes smoking is fun
    but we have to know that it can make us die


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