Hamba Allah selamanya

Hamba Allah selamanya
Hanya padaMu

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Assalamualaikum.. Today, i want to explain about the characteristics of main character in the shirt story of QWERTYUIOP. First of all, there is only one main character in the short story of QWERTYUIOP which is LUCY BECK..

She is a seventeen-year old girl
She lives with her mother and uncle
She wants a job badly and eventually she is offered as a secretary at Ross and Bannister's frim


She is a brave person. This can be seen when she was able to get rid of the spirit of Miss Broome. Her courage enables her to hold on her position as a secretary at Ross and Bannister's

She is a punctual. As evidence, she comes to the office on time. 

She is a humble. As evidence, she has low self -esteem and is always thinking that no one will employ her

She is a clever person as she manages to convince Miss Broome to  leave the office permanently

                     Hi! i am Lucy Beck

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